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Objective and Mission
We live in a world where poverty and social exclusion is not recognized despite the fact that as many as billions of people living in deep poverty . DMA's objective is to bring this situation under attention and to help and support vulnerable disadvantaged groups in improving their living conditions by means of development of initiatives for a sustainable livelihood as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The foundation aims to reduce social abuse by means of the following objectives:

- Strengthen the independence and capacity of vulnerable disadvantaged groups living in
   extreme poverty;
- Support in and / or implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions in cooperation with
   interested local parties;
- Helping to acquire resources like funds from individuals, charitable foundations, churches,
   charities, businesses and governments, in order to achieve projects in this matter;
- Realizing involvement and poverty reduction through the promotion of social cohesion
   and voluntary social commitment;
- Mediate in the deployment of Dutch volunteers and interns in the development of projects
- Providing information about the work.

Our way of working
Project-based initiatives with a sustainable character are developed and implemented in cooperation with representatives of the group of people who are in a worse social situation, and together with others willing to bring changes and most important: to learn from each other as partners and to inspire each other to achieve the ambitions. The foundation focuses on the development and implementation of projects in Ethiopia and Georgia, both on the inhabitants of the developing country as well as the population living in the Netherlands originated from this country. The aim is to bring together social involvement and development. This takes place for example via a thematic meeting during the annual International Women Week , the international volunteer day or convene a workshop during an intercultural event or theme meeting. Cooperation and coordination with other organizations in the same field (e.g. social work, migrants, developments aid) is persecuted in order to enlarge the effects of our activities, to prevent overlays and to make use of mutual expertise. There is also a cooperation with churches and ideological organizations, which have a long history of social compassion and society building.

Triptych of significant goals
1. Knowledge and community involvement
Vulnerable groups of people who live in a bad social situation often have the will and the ideas to make a positive change in themselves, but usually they lack a specific plan, allies, a relationship network, knowledge and resources . DMA has the expertise that can help to achieve their ideals
2. Education and empowerment for young people and women

Many children in developing countries lack the opportunity to receive an education. Especially girls and women often miss the opportunity to strengthen their independence. The ability to find possibilities for education and / or training is an important opportunity to improve their future prospects. On request and in collaboration with the district administration and other interested parties the DMA foundation develops local solutions especially for children and young people growing up in extreme poverty and lacking parents or relatives.
3. Sustainable income and local entrepreneurship

In combating poverty abroad, Dutch companies can choose to take an important role in a socially responsible way. They can support local entrepreneurs with their knowledge, experience , networks and financial resources. DMA foundation fulfills a broker function in this field by bringing these companies in contact with promising development projects that may be of significance for them and vice versa. Social activation and awareness are the keywords. This is carried out in cooperation with individuals and volunteers to support them. The work is innovative and has been shown to improve the existing situation and to strengthen skills.