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ÔĽŅ Welcome on the website of Triptych Socially Active (DMA).
On this site you will find information about our objectives, working methods and activities.

The foundation of DMA is a non-profit organization, and works with talented volunteers.

"Preserving Human rights, reducing poverty and encouraging self-reliance"

This is in short what our organization stands for. DMA aims to reduce extreme poverty by means of sustainable initiatives and encouraging self-reliance, mutual capacity building and community involvement between people as a vital link in the social cohesion of our multicultural society.

This is also reflected in the tree element of our logo:

-> Blue stands for the social social vision: color of the atmosphere, global and life-giving;
-> Terra represents the countries of our two projects Ethiopia and Georgia: color of the soil,
    the basis of development activities;
-> Green stands for the method: color of nature, respectful, sustainable and ecological

logo wilde ganzen "Wilde Ganzen Sponsorship‚ÄĚ
Wilde Ganzen supports our action for a health center in Debre Markos. This implies that they give 50% premium for the amount of money we collect for this project